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Library Management System (LIMS)

School Library System is an excellent program. This program was developed for use in libraries and especially school libraries. The main aim of this program is to trace all of the transactions related to book lending and returning. The program is very simple with many data entry features. In this Library Information Management System can hold / keep all the Information related to Student or Staff with is unique identification number. Software can gather hole information to Book according to its unique Identification no known as Accession no Such as Book Id , Subject, Book Name, Publisher , Pages, Prize, Author with Rack & Wing Concept. Authorized Librarian can Issue the book to student / staff. Book return accordingly to unique book ID. This program will help you to trace all the books and to have these returned at their specified time. To protect the program, you can use the username and password and thus be sure that the program will be used by authorized people only.

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