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Office Automation System (OAS)

Office Automation System is a MIS reporting software. It can contain the collective information of a college regarding itís finical flow. We can also say that software is maintained / hold the information of income and expenditure of a college / university. Fund which is comes in college through fee collection (Student), given by State Government, Central Government, NACC or Government added organization come under the Income. These allotted /released fund is use to enhance the school infrastructure such as maintain the library, science laboratory, IT infrastructure etc. These allotted fund is maintain according to it group. All Information Comes in Daily Collection Register formally known as DCR1. This DCR1 is collective information of Fee Collection Register (FCR). FCR is maintaining according to part in a stream such as Part-1,2,3 sequence FCR-1, FCR-2 , FCR-3. Daily Collection Register 2 (DCR 2) is maintaining the information on expense such as college infrastructure, IT division, Library. It can also maintain any type of wedge etc. Little bit inventory management is also maintained in this software. Over all objective of the software is to maintain or keep the information of financial flow of a college and submitted all MIS Report to University accordingly.

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